Duo vs. Band

What suits your occasion? A quick overview of the differences...

Price- This is the first factor, our 4 piece live band is about 50% more in price than the duo. A one-off wedding or corporate event where the song list is tailored to the occasion will be correspondingly dearer than regular repeat gigs. Clubs and other public events subject to negotiation depending on distance and regularity. P.A. and full LED lighting rig included in price.

Performance time- Four hours performance time is the norm, usually 3 sets with a couple of small breaks.

Size-    Our duo takes up about  8 sq m floor area (2m deep, 4m wide), the band about 14 sq m minimum.

Song Choice- The duo uses our custom midi tracks so has the widest range of songs in many genres and suits most age groups, the full band has a similar range but concentrates on classic and especially Kiwi rock- 70's to 90's predominantly, all completely live. For weddings and other special events, we can customise our setlist from your choices, or learn a first dance song.

Setup/Soundcheck time-  The duo can be set up in as little as 1/2 hour in the ideal venue with good access, the band is normally about 1 hr minimum.

Sound volume- The duo can control sound level completely, in the band situation a live drummer sets the overall volume, but we are still at a good level for most situations. Both line-ups use the Bose sound system which has a small footprint with excellent front of house performance.

Overall- Our duo offers a reasonable price with a wide range of songs, 2 vocalists with live guitar and keys. Our band option offers a fully live version which highlights the human element more, dynamics with addition of live bass and drums, therefore more adaptability to the event.




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