M Lynch Contracting- Carpet layer

I've had well over 30 years off and on in the carpet laying trade, so use the tried and true "Old School" methods- a power stretcher is always used to ensure no wrinkles after installation, and seams are pre-sealed before joining for a strong result. I guarantee my work, I'm not the fastest but you will be happy with the result.

My speciality is rental property installations, I can supply carpet, underlay and accessories at good rates, free measure and quote. I like smaller jobs around 25m total or less, and also do garage carpet supply and installation direct stuck. I can show you samples of budget to mid- price carpets and can usually complete the job within a week of notice, but not always possible. 

I can travel to work, but my main areas are Hamilton, Huntly and surrounding areas. I will do relays as long as the carpet is suitable, and also re-stretches and repair jobs.

Sorry, I don't do vinyl laying or major floor prep or sanding.

Some basic pricing- GST incl.

Laying- $36 to $40 per broadloom m depending on carpet type

Underlay per broadloom m- 10mm $24m,    11mm $30 m,  12mm $34m

Door bars- $10 each

Smoothedge- $1.50 per lineal m

Relays- around $50-$60 per broadloom m

Re-stretches and repairs- $130 minimum charge, larger $60 hr

Garage carpet- $10 per sq m direct stuck, glue extra.


Some Carpet prices- all 3.66m wide

Callisto- tight level loop polyprop 13 oz- $55m

Lilydale- textured Polyprop loop for rentals 18 oz- $65m

Herregan- new generation polyprop cut pile 50 oz $109m

Detroit- SDN Nylon 27 oz $95m

Hinsdale- 34 oz SDN Nylon cut-pile $105m

Karse- 50 oz SDN Nylon cut-pile $133m

Garage Carpet- Crazy Anthracite polyprop 4 m wide $52m, 3m wide $40m

Also remnants, specials and seconds in wool or nylon often available at great prices around $80m.


Mike Lynch

027 621 4207

a/h 07 8287 329